Landon has been working in the lighting industry for over 20 years and is a passionate advocate for the important role lighting plays in the human experience of the built environment. He is a current Member of IESANZ and sits on the local CMC where he is heavily involved in lighting education. He is also President of International Dark- Sky Association Tasmania Inc and a member of the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance.


JERRY DE GRYSE (Vice-President)

An ideas man as well as landscape architect, Jerry de Gryse is co-founder and director of Inspiring Place. Jerry is a well recognised figure in Landscape Architecture in Australia and was the HWS Cleveland Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota (2001). Jerry remains a sought after public speaker, lecturer and raconteur about the need to link nature, culture and community to create truly inspiring places.


JENNIFER NIchOLS (Treasurer)

Jennifer is the Executive Director of the Institute of Architects Tasmania and founder and director of Open House Hobart and Launceston. She has a passion for both the natural and built environment. Her childhood informs her love of the stars, growing up in Saltwater River as well as on Tasmania’s west coast. She is deeply connected to place and her Palawa heritage.



Miriam is a local landscape architect and current President of the Tasmanian Institute of Landscape Architects. Miriam believes that landscape plays a role beyond the usual perception of gardens and that it has the power to transform the way people interact with one another and their environments, which includes the glorious landscape of the night sky.

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DAVID PATMAN (Public Officer)

David is a contemporary artist, consultant and social scientist, and currently co-director of Tasmanian art group Unconscious Collective. He is interested in the social, psychological and cultural significance of the night sky for human consciousness and society.

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Michelle is a designer, co-director of Tasmanian art group, Unconscious Collective and Tasmanian editor for Asia-Pacific focused Garland Magazine.   She has a particular interest in design that considers light, form and colour in ways that privilege the natural environment, and is excited about working with Dark Sky Tasmania to help preserve our nighttime visual heritage.


Stuart Hamilton (Board Member)

Stuart is a local business owner who has been involved with commercial lighting for over 20 years. A keen sailor and lover of Tasmania’s natural attributes, Stuart cherishes the beauty of our night skies. He has been a powerful advocate of the need to protect and preserve Tasmania’s dark sky asset for our future generations and help limit the impact light pollution is having on our ecosystems.